Beautifully You


Why Beautifully You?

In 2012, one month prior to my wedding, I lost my father to cancer. Three years later, in 2015, I lost the function of one side of my face to a brain tumor. Unable to love what I saw in my reflection, I sat down to write this devotional. What was originally  intended to be 30 words for  30 days of what makes a woman “beautifully her”, became a flood of a collection of stories of intense encounters with the Lord, and how they have changed me.  It was through the recollection of these stories that I realized that it was not what was in the mirror, but the pieces of my heart that make me, “beautifully me”. And what I believe make you, Beautifully You.  I pray that as you read, you find yourself in these pages, and that as you do, you would be wrecked by the awesome love of  a relentless God.

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