Storming Normandy

What is the Normandy Project?

The Normandy Project is a move of love, mercy and generosity towards women coming out of human trafficking in our city (

Today the city has many programs that are coming together in unity to see women come successfully out of human trafficking, and the Normandy Project is a piece of that puzzle.

Generally after detox and the completion of recovery programs, women are released back to the street to rebuild their new lives. Most women have no where to go while they rebuild except back to those whom they knew before entering their program. This reliance on those from their past creates a larger opportunity for them to return to the addiction and trafficking cycle.

The Normandy Project will help close that next step. Post recovery women will be able to move into the Normandy housing, located directly across from the State House in the spaces above Broad Street Bagels, while they find steady employment. In addition to shelter and employment, the ladies will also receive additional counseling and care to help build upon and solidify their new identities as free women.

But the Normandy Project is not up and running yet. We need support through prayer and donors to make this dream a reality.

Recently I was able to sit down with both women who have successfully come out of addiction and trafficking as well as some of the front-runners of the movement in our city. I wanted the chance to gather their stories, to hear from the ones directly benefitting from this project as to why we need partners and why this city needs Normandy.

Over the next month I’ll be posting stories from the inside. My prayer is that you’ll be moved not just in your emotions, but to see that you don’t have to be able to solve the whole problem to be a part of the solution.

My life’s eye has been open more fully from my time with these ladies, and I pray yours will as well.

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