Deep and Wide

Maybe it’s the vacation to Florida we just took. Or the peak of spring breaking through the Ohio gray, but this morning during my weekly Friday prayer call I had a word for one of my friends about the roots of the Lord throughout her home. I could see the roots she had allowed the Lord to lay of trust and truth and faith and perseverance. The roots spread out like ground cover. You could pick them up in one place and the entire floor would respond. Then I saw a root birthed out of negativity. It was looking for a way in. It was in the form of things like attacks on family, disruptive or offensive relationships, frustrations, financial difficulties. This root moved along the floor looking for a place to break through. It would find a gap in the roots and try to dig in. The surface would break but the root would be quickly interrupted by the roots of the Lord already occupying the ground.

It got me thinking about how deep and wide we LET the roots of the Lord go in our life? How can we tell? I think of worries and if I let them fester. Problems I wake up thinking about. Conversations that may have never happened and how often I rehearse them in my mind. How long do these thoughts stay? How long do I let them root around looking for a way in before I take control of my garden… of my mind? The question isn’t if, it’s when. Those roots looking for a home don’t have anything to do with who I am. It’s whether or not I let them find a place to stay.

And I think today the Lord is simply inviting us to quickly dismiss the deceptive roots of the enemy. And when we find a gap not to give in to condemnation or anger or punishing ourselves, but to ask the Lord to reinforce us where we’re weak… not develop our own defense system.

Because the real truth is that we are just branches. Branches who are plugged into The Vine, The Lord. Friend, it’s simple. Our ground is important… and it looks like it’s a good day to do some gardening 😉.

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