I love Good Friday.

Not just because Jonah and I got married on a Good Friday.. though it’s fun to have a second anniversary of sorts, but because I feel like it’s the WHY to who I am.

Jesus who was without sin, allowed himself to be beaten, bloodied and broken. With the army’s of Heaven standing at attention waiting for him to cry out for help, Jesus instead chose to feel the fibers of his body tear and life rush out of him as his love for mankind transformed from commitment to relentless.

Last night I was meditating on that day. I put myself in the crowd standing at the foot of that cross. I looked up to his eyes and to his arms stretched open. To the world it was a spectacle of humiliation. But to eternity it was the wide-armed invitation of Jesus, saying whoever will choose me, I will have room for you.

The cross didn’t come with conditions. It wasn’t for a few. It wasn’t for republicans or whites or blacks or straight or gay… it was for all. A slap in the face of every religious voice that tries to shape the cross after themselves.

It’s why I choose Him every day. He wouldn’t relent for me. I was Barnabas. I was given life in exchange for Jesus’ death. So I won’t relent in my pursuit of Him.. of love.

Today isn’t a day for those without fault or shame. It’s a day for the entire world to hear the invitation that rung out that day from Calvary, “I choose you!” Today I renew my cry back, I choose you, Lord. Thank you for the most selfless act of humanity. Thank you for throwing open the doors for all who hear to enter in.

Today I encourage you to respond to that cry. Not the one asking you to first become someone you’re not, but the one that says, “as you are, come”.

The price was so great, the freedom so wide.. and His love so relentless.

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