Signs that make you wonder

Have you ever experienced something that you can’t explain?

Today,six years ago my dad passed from Earth into Eternity.

That day was hard. Every minute was an hour, every conversation a mix of hope and tears.

Looking back it was like a tornado. Everything swirled with uncertainty, yet somehow I was in the middle of the storm held very still. Not exempt from hurt, but still. I remember walking the halls of the hospital singing repetitively “Oh the blood of Jesus”. Clinging to the anchor of my soul.

It was a long day. I won’t recount it to you now. But one thing quickly led to another, and soon we were at my dads side watching him pass into Heaven.

I remember it was so hard to leave the hospital. How do you leave? How do you move on?

Driving away sitting in the passenger seat of Jonah’s car, I closed my eyes, tears streaming. I didn’t know what to do, “I believe that you’re good”, “I believe that you heal”, it was all I could do to spout prayers between tears.

And it was there crying and confessing to the Lord, I felt something I’ve never experienced before.

“I feel him”, I cried to Jonah. The presence of the Lord hadn’t left me all day, this wasn’t that . It was my dad.

I don’t have an ounce of theology for this, so please don’t ask.

But for a moment the veil between Heaven and Earth became paper thin to me. I felt my dad’s presence settle. It held me for a moment, and then just as quickly it was gone..

It is such a special moment to me. My dad giving me one last hug as he sped on into glory.

Thinking back on that moment today it reminded me of John 14:18, “I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you.”

The Word is talking about the Holy Spirit being released after Jesus’ death. But What struck me thinking on that memory is how committed to us the Father is. He won’t leave us as orphans. He always comes to us… that’s powerful.

I don’t know why he let me experience that moment that day. But I do know that’s he’s good, he’s a father, and he always comes to us.

So today remembering my dad, I give thanks for the time we had together and that last hug. But above all I thank God for the closeness of Jesus and the mysteries of Heaven.

2 thoughts on “Signs that make you wonder

  1. Natalie as I am sitting here crying my heart out. Missing my son your father. I recall the day I was angry at God for taking him and just crying out to him and throwing things. The thing I remember on that day was holding a card that John had given me prior to him going home and at that moment I felt such a presence of John Telling me Mom I am okay. I felt him all over me. I will never forget that day and as quickly as it came it left. Oh how I would love to feel him again. I am not as eloquent a writer as you as you have a gift, but know that at that moment I felt the same as you did feeling John’s presence….Love you ❤️


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