Putting on your dress

Whether you’re married or single I’m going to guess that you have dreamt of your dress. The one you wore, wish you wore or imagine yourself wearing. Guilty. I dreamed about the dress I would wear when I got married. The story of finding my dress is cool in the way that my dad was able to be there when I found it. He didn’t live to see my wedding day, so to me it was that much more special of a garment.

There were a couple of times before my wedding and my dad’s passing where I would look through pictures dresses and wonder if I made a mistake. But no matter what dress I searched out, I always came back to the first.

Last week I was at church. I was asking the Lord some questions about things in my life compared to what I saw other people doing. Later, someone came to pray for me. When they did I immediately saw in my mind a spinning Rolodex. The pictures on each page whirling past me. As I looked closely I saw that each page held a picture of a wedding dress. Long, short, lace, tulle, every kind you could imagine. As I watched the pages flip one to the next I heard the voice of the Lord. “Stop trying to put on someone else’s dress”. After I heard those words the flipping stopped, and there was a picture of my wedding dress. I heard the Lord continue, “get in the dress that was made for you”.

Isaiah 60:1 says, “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord is rising upon you.”

I was taken back. Today we absorb so much. What people are doing, where they are going, what they are wearing. So much so that it’s easy to feel like we are somehow lacking.. so easy to start looking at everyone else’s “dress”.

In Isaiah the Lord declares that we all have specific glory, gifting, ability, He has placed on us. When we hesitate and pull back out of intimidation that someone can do the things better, we literally rob God of who He sees each of us.

I keep thinking back on that vision and I am continually moved by the revelation of how much the Father really wants and needs us to be us. Our dress, our way, our expression. So today let’s stop trying to put on everyone else’s dress… and get in the one that was made for us.The world needs you to be you💜.

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