Four ways to set your New Years goals up for success

It’s a New Year! And we’ll soon be bombarded with a billion ways to make ourselves “better”. What I wanted to do this morning is provide four short and easy ways to set you up for success no matter what your New Years goals or plans are!

1. Don’t dishonor yesterday’s “you”

There seems to be a trend arising of calling it quits concerning shaming and belittling your former “you”. It’s always tempting at the beginning of a new year to think about what you want to change and think, “everything”. But the real story is that we are all massive works in progress … all.the.time.

Instead of resolving to become an entirely different person this year, how about taking stock of the lessons that last year taught you. After all, it’s hindsight and perspective, not regret that give us a chance to reflect on who we’ve been, and allow us to build on bettering ourselves.

2. Dream big and plan small

We’ve all done it. We’ve all entered a New Year thinking, this is the year I’m going to… fill in the blank. But it usually begins and ends there, why is that?

For me I’ve found that generally my goal will start out feeling very doable, but the more I delay in taking first steps, the more elusive it becomes.

This year try dreaming big and planning small.

Try sitting down and writing your big goal across the top of a sheet of paper (note app), now list out the months of the year. What step can you take each month to get closer to achieving it? The smaller deadlines will get you more excited about achieving the overall goal.

3. Get accountable

Now comes the glue…

Tell someone! Letting someone in on our plans can be the hardest part. It’s like there’s something magical about making our goals known to someone else that suddenly makes things very real.

After all, if we tell someone what we plan on doing they’ll expect that we’re actually going to do it!

Share your plan with someone who will cheer for you. Let them know how you plan on getting there, and then give them permission to hold you accountable.

Sometimes when our creative and energetic juices are spent, it’s the sheer fact that we’ve told someone else we’re meeting a goal that’s enough to get us over the line.

4. Celebrate your progress

There are so many things to do. So many dreams to chase. So many problems to solve for and goals to achieve. This year make plans to celebrate your progress.

It’s easy to ride ourselves hard. It’s easy to gloss over our own achievements because there is a bigger goal lying ahead. But don’t rob yourselves from celebrating each step. Did you set up the website? Make the appointment? Create the account? Sign up for the class? Pause and acknowledge it.

Celebrating small steps and accomplishments reminds us in the midst of the grit and grind of it all to stop and honor ourselves. Neglecting to honor ourselves is like is getting mad at the baby for not running after they crawl. It doesn’t make any sense.

So this year as you get excited about possibilities of what’s to come remember that pursuing our dreams and goals should fill us up, not empty us out. It takes hard work, but at the end of it all we should find a more fully satisfied, fully alive version of ourselves.

Happy New Year friends! Now let’s get to it!

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