Beautifully You Profile – Friede Taylor

Today’s Story comes from Friede:

Friede (pronounced “Free-dah”)Taylor may not be a name you recognize, but I guarantee you that angels whisper about her passion. In my life I have had two distinct visions of Jesus, and one of them was at the prayer of this woman, whom I affectionately refer to as “mama” Friede.

A product of Hilter’s Germany, Friede grew up in the aftermath of the Second World War. From her father taking his life post war and an abusive marriage, to the suicide of her eldest son, Friede’s life to many would seem to be a story of endless tragedy, and for a while it seemed so.

That is, until she met Jesus.

An encounter with the overwhelming love of her savior rescued her from a life of despair, and set her eyes and affections fully on the Father.

From that moment to this, Friede has lived a life following after the Lord. She carries with her the sweetest, most powerful presence of the Peace of God I have ever come into contact with.

She lives a beautiful life that does not negate the sufferings she has experienced, but instead allows the victory of Jesus to cover them in a way that only a transformed heart could.

She and her husband, Jack Taylor, travel the globe sharing about the overcoming love of the Father, and truly display lives well lived. Not without struggle, not lived in a bubble, but openly and honestly, with the victory of Jesus continually on their lips.

If you want to learn more about Friede I encourage you to head over to her website and check out the book, “From Hitler’s Germany to the Cross of Christ and Beyond”.

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