Beautifully You Profile – Emily

Today’s story comes from Emily:

Growing up as part of a family with roots in the Middle East, from a young age Emily possessed a deep appreciation for the spiritual and physical needs of people around the world in impoverished states.

In fact, it was at 7 years old, Emily’s dream to become a nurse and tend to people in crisis began to bloom.

During college she studied diligently to become a nurse, and planned to move immediately back overseas to where her heart longed to be. However, after graduating with her degree in nursing, she felt the tug of the Lord to stay put instead. she knew she needed more time and sensed that God had further preparation for her ahead.

After working for a few years, Emily returned to school and pursued graduate studies to become a family nurse practitioner.

Her credentials proved beneficial and earned her favor. And so, it was after graduating that she resumed pursuing her travels on medical trips to Haiti, Honduras, Kenya, Ethiopia, Mozambique, and most recently, the Middle East.

It was after that trip, two years ago, that the Lord placed the current refugee crisis on her heart. Praying each day, God prepared her her, and through providence she was given the opportunity to visit refugees in their camps.

It was then that Emily knew that the time had come to move and serve in the Middle East.

Connecting with an with an established team in the region, Emily found the perfect fit for what she felt she was being called to do.

The groups main objective is traveling tent-to-tent within the refugee camps to perform assessments among refugees who are sick and in need.

Her hope is to share and offer hope to as many as she and the group can and to see lives changed!

To learn more about Emily and where you can subscribe to her monthly newsletter as well as contribute to her financially, email Emily at:

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