Beautifully You Profile – Angel

Today’s Beautifully You Profile comes from Angel:

A Fitness instructor since 1999, Angel was diagnosed with meningioma in 2009, an advanced tumor growing on her brain stem.

With faith and her family at her side, she endured a 14 hour craniotomy. When she woke, not only had she experienced facial paralysis, but she also learned that she had lost the ability to walk, talk, in addition to a host of other things.

As she taught herself again to train her mind and her body to come into agreement, her doctors broke the news that it may be years if ever before she would be able to live a “normal” life, let alone return to the life of teaching that she loved.

Against the odds, and determined to prove her doctors wrong, Angel worked relentlessly and at the amazement of her doctors, returned to the gym just 6 weeks later.

One year later, fully immersed in life and ready for good news from her follow ups, she received the news from her doctors that scans showed that her tumor had once again grown.

Determined not to give up Angel underwent 27 radiation treatments only to learn that the tumor continued to enlarge. This sparked a different kind of journey. Angel did away with radiation and decided to pursue food to heal her body.

After transforming her diet to plant based, and introducing Juice Plus into her daily life, something incredible happened… the tumor stopped growing!

Angel has now committed her life to sharing her journey with others. Attributing that it was the power of prayer, food and exercise that transformed her life, she is now even more passionate about teaching others.

Angel’s passion for pursuing her healing and her determination not to let the words of others define her are what makes her beautiful.

If you would like more information on Angel’s journey, as well as her current endeavors, visit her sites at:


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