Beautifully You – Angela

Today’s story comes from Angela:

Four months ago, I had a lead role working for a high-end fashion retailer creating and opening new stores as well as being the lead stylist for our men’s department. I enjoyed the job itself immensely, but had experienced enough political nonsense and decided that being micro managed with condescending attitudes for four years had been more than enough for me.

Back in June, I accepted a six-month part-time job with a pretty cool company. We create and fabricate exhibits for Museums and Science Centers. Something that I have always held high interest in during college. However, the job pays little and is back to part-time, but I also have little to no experience in this field, so I knew that I had to start from the bottom. The proposed deal is that I work hard, learn the job and after the 6-months there could be a permanent job waiting. A lot of uncertainty here. I am still pretty excited to be trying it out tho!

At the end of July, I got a call that the refinancing on my home had fallen through due to the end term date on my contract with the new company (that I didn’t know about). During that same month, about $700.00 worth of additional odd ball bills came in my mailbox (that’s like a mortgage payment!); an unclosed account at my last job, our electric bill nearly tripled, etc..

I️ was devastated and vastly going broke. So naturally, I did what any other sane human would do, I freaked out, panicked and e-mailed my old boss for my job back.. in a professional manner of course, but the position had been filled. At this point, I just had to continue to trust that God was going to work it out.

I think we tend to forget that when faced with adversity. We forget to trust in the Father because we are human. Everything else is just apart of the fallen world yeah …I took a deep breath, went to the gym, tied my hair up in a bun and handled it.

A week later, a $6,000 check was given to me as a gift.  A week after that, a paint company that I have been working with, as a residential color consultant (for many years) called and asked if I would be their exclusive part-time color expert. I get paid per appointment and so far that’s been an extra $800-$1,000 a month. Through all this, I have been able to save and pay my bills without a financial worry.

Keep the faith. Trust in the Father. Every single time. “For tomorrow has it’s own worries to worry about.” Matthew 6:34

After my last review, I still do not know what the future holds here for me. They are a growing company and are never certain about the work that comes in. I have a month left in my trial position and my human patience has already begun to ware thin (of course!) BUT I do know that my faith has grown so I will continue to trust. No matter how tough it is.

I have a few other job interviews lined up, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with having that. Maybe through this God is showing me what I truly want to do and where I truly want to be.

Whatever, adversity you are facing, face that fear head on with all you have. Don’t let go of his promises to you.

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