Beautifully You – Hannah

Today’s story comes from Hannah:

I paced the floor with an awkward bounce. I would have been taking notes, but my 5-month-old baby was strapped on, so I was just trying to absorb as many of those life-giving words as I could.  Exhausted from my full-time job and overwhelmed by all the rigors that make up motherhood and running a home, my need for encouragement trumped the responsibilities that could wait.

”God wants to give you a new name tonight. Ask Him what your old name is.”

Though unorthodox, feeling I had nothing to lose, I whispered, “God, what is my old name?”

“The fear of not being enough.”

His answer took my breath for a second.  I had no expectations of what I might hear, but there could not have been a more accurate description of my soul’s condition in that moment.  I was an employee, a wife, a leader, and now a mother.  In every single area, I felt so short of “cutting it.” The joy I needed for strength waned with each day of striving.

She said, “Now ask God your new name.”

There was no hesitation this time.  This had to end well, right?  Would He tell me that He was proud of me?  Or maybe that I’m a good mom?

“God, what is my new name?”


Hot tears flooded my eyes as an invisible weight was lifted from my heart.  Of all the ways He could have defined me, he wanted me to see myself as one loved by Him.  Period.

Sisters, we are the object of His affection.  His love for us is not conditional.  His love toward us is beyond our capacity to comprehend it, but He invites us into the discovery of His love for us right here, right now and forever without end.

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One thought on “Beautifully You – Hannah

  1. Really believing and knowing we are His beloved frees us from all the lies of our enemy… Pray that we all grow in revelation of God’s Love daily … You are both so beloved!

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