Beautifully You – Summer

Today’s story comes from Summer:

I remember when God began to speak to me about buying a house. At the time, I was not married, about 27 years old, and living with a roommate.

My career was stable, my finances were flourishing, it made more sense for me to own than to rent. But there was just one “problem” …. I wasn’t married. I hadn’t paid it much attention until this point. I thought I didn’t care, I thought I was confident on this matter, but still somehow it reared it’s head as major fear for me: aren’t I supposed to be married to do something like buy a house?

Shouldn’t I be married before I take a step like that?

I know we all know the answer, but you know, when you’re younger you have certain assumptions about what certain phases of your life will look like. And this wasn’t what I had pictured.

And so, for a time, I wrestled with it. And in my wrestling I got what felt like about 110 opinions. All the while forgetting the only opinion that really mattered: God’s.

It felt like a defining moment for me. If I moved forward with this, was that me saying I didn’t want to be married? What would happen if I got married right after I got it and then I’d have to try to sell it again? Would I be lonely? It was hard for me to trust God with all of this.

There are two scriptures that helped me then, and still help today:

1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you.”


Psalm 138:8 “The Lord perfects that which concerns me…”

These two simple promises meant so much to me in that season and ultimately helped me choose to trust the One who gave them.

After all, I am not my own, am I?

I can’t tell you how immense the blessing of saying yes to this decision was and still is for me! I am overwhelmed as I recall finding the absolute perfect home for me, for an amazing price, that had everything I wanted and everything I didn’t know I wanted.

It was as if God had hand-picked it out just for me and was just waiting for me to push past the fear, and say yes to Him in faith.

Every day I look around my home and am reminded of His nearness and His goodness.  I’ll never forget that defining moment.

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