Beautifully You – Mandy

Today’s Beautifully You story domes from Mandy:

When my daughter was 4 months old, I noticed her head looked a little flat on one side. Her doctor suggested we take her to get examined and potentially get one of those now-in-fashion baby helmets. In that moment, I thought a helmet was the worst thing in the world.

Little did I know as I cried all the way to the specialist how I would be begging for the simple inconvenience by the days end.

After a brief examination, it became quite clear to the head of neurosurgery that this was not a simple “flathead” case but rather something called “Craniosynostosis”. That “soft spot” that everyone always talks about on babies- yeah, super important and apparently there are a few of them.  These soft spots indicate a place in the head where the skull hasn’t completely closed in order to allow the brain to grow. However, one of these spots in our daughter’s skull was fused. “Surgery is the only option.” the doctor told us in a very matter of fact sort of way.

Immediately I began to Google miraculous healings of this diagnosis I could barely pronounce. God was going to heal her. After much prayer and consideration, we scheduled the surgery and told God He had 6 months to come through.

Now don’t get me wrong I generally trust doctors…unless I disagree with them, but I respect them, I have doctors in my family. I have seen them do amazing things, but this time, I wanted a God only miracle and I would settle for nothing else. Surgery day arrived and as we headed to pre-op I was reminded of the battle of Gideon. Gideon was prepared for war, did as God had instructed, and God came through and won the battle without Gideon even having to lift his sword. So naturally I assumed this meant her surgeon was going to send us home citing an unprecedented miracle.

With tears streaming down my face, I handed my baby girl to the nurses and we watched as they walked her to the operating room.  Although I was acutely aware of the potentially terrifying situation at hand, I was suddenly filled with peace.

Hours passed as I sat in the waiting room, when I heard the lyrics to a familiar song resounding in my head. “Finally ready now, to pick up my sword and fight for love, little did I know that love had won for me.” Suddenly it clicked. This whole time I saw myself preparing for battle, the greatest battle of faith I’d ever experienced. I was internally arguing with God about how He was going to heal my baby. In my mind I was fighting for her, but little did I know, my God with His infinite love already won the battle.

It wasn’t about whether or not she had surgery, it was about whether or not I would trust Him to fight for me. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that He performed a miracle in the operating room on my little girl, and when the surgeons recounted to my husband and I how things went, they used the words “perfection, miraculous, & completion”.

From this moment on, God began downloading truths to me about how He does things. He puts love first. Always. And my job is to look for the love in the situation and follow it.

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