Beautifully You – Becky

Today’s Beautifully You story comes from Becky:

You never think it’s going to happen to you, but then it does.

I remember getting the call from my doctor and listening as she shared the results with me. We hung up the phone, and I immediately burst into tears. “Hodgkins Lymphoma”… I’d never even heard before.

I was scared, confused and angry. On top of this new diagnosis, I was also already going through a  divorce that had devastated myself as well as my 4 children. All at one time I found myself experiencing trials I had never before considered. Fears, questions and worries all raced through my mind. I had no idea why this was happening to me, let alone how I would deal with it.

I was single, unemployed and divorced, and God wanted to pile this on me too? I was so confused. And even more than that, I was angry at God. I remember feeling such a weight on me, heavier than I ever had before. How was I going to take care of my kids? How was I going to pay my bills? Was I even going to live through this?

This is when God showed up.

I remember I was driving in my van to get my first set of scans. I faintly heard a small whisper, “You’re not alone”. I didn’t think much of it, in fact I remember dismissing it altogether, because I thought I was alone. But little did I know what was ahead of me.

It was around this time that God brought a man named Rob into my life. He was an amazing, God-loving man … everything I had ever prayed for. I know it sounds like terrible timing, and I agree I felt it was, but regardless of my circumstances, this man and his family rushed into my life. And they weren’t alone.

My family, my church, my friends, people I didn’t even know, they all came running to surround me and my kids. They prayed for us, they stood with us. They supported us financially, they showed up randomly with meals, they even sent gifts for the kids and I at Christmas.

There were days that I was so sick from chemo that I couldn’t get out of bed. My kids would be fending for themselves and someone would randomly call and say “Hey Becca, can I come get the kids for the day?”

The message came again stronger and louder, “You’re not alone”.

And what I learned, was that even in a more difficult time than I ever could have imagined for my life, God could be trusted.

I learned to lay my burdens down to Him and allow Him  to care for them all. God had put these angels in my life, at the perfect, most needed time.

It’s really easy to feel down when you’re fighting for your life. But God reminded me, I’m not alone. So many people went above and beyond for me and my kids. I wasn’t alone in the least bit. God was very present and went before me and made a way where I couldn’t see one.

I am happy to say that things are looking up for me. I had a stem cell transplant in September 2017. I don’t have results yet but I am confident that Gods got me. I am so thankful for all these amazing people in my life who supported my kids and I through this cancer journey. I am overwhelmed with all the kindness and love people have shown us.

This is God.

He shows up in ways you may not think, He sends people in our lives to help us get through the really tough times. He loves us unconditionally. I hope everyone gets a chance to see exactly how much our God truly loves us.

One thought on “Beautifully You – Becky

  1. Glory to God! Natalie, God has and will continue to touch and heal the hearts of so many thru these amazing testimonies that you’ve been sharing — indeed He is the God of all Hope

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