Beautifully You – Madison

Today’s Beautifully You story comes from Madison:

Almost 6 years ago, my dad died from cancer.

At 18 years old, there were plenty of things I thought about and were concerned about, but the thought of one of my parents dying was something that never even crossed my mind. That’s not how it’s supposed to go. But here I was, after what to me was a very short battle with cancer. My dad was gone, my world turned upside down, and I couldn’t rationalize how I could ever be expected to move on.

It wasn’t until a few days later, on the day of my dad’s funeral that I began to feel the peace that God would bring my family and me in the years to come.

My aunt had been speaking at my dads’ funeral of their childhood together, and how when she was young my dad would cheer her up in the most comical ways.

One of those stories was about how he had found her as a child, hiding in a closet in the middle of a storm. She said that he reached in his pocket and pulled out a nickel, in hopes that it would take her mind off the thunder and lightening. She said he knelt down and reached out his hand. “Here, here’s a nickel, don’t be scared”. It was a simple story, but it brought so much comfort to think about. That was my dad, always looking for ways to make a situation better. Always trying to get your mind off the negative.

Later that day I came home from my dads’ funeral and went straight to my room. I was exhausted from the hundreds of hugs and my intentions were to lie in bed and succumb to my grief. I remember approaching the doorway of my room and stopping in my tracks.

In the middle of the floor laid a single a half dollar coin. My body froze as my mind immediately jogged back the story my aunt had told earlier that afternoon. It was like from Heaven my dad had dropped a single coin in my room to say, “it’s OK Madison, don’t be scared”. I knew in that moment that God was speaking. And I knew this was a sign just for me that everything was going to be alright.

It was at this point, taking the coin in my hand, that I realized that the only way I was going to get through this was not on my own, but by trusting that God would lead me through.

6 years later, I can say He has brought me so much further in life than I ever could have dreamed. And the peace I have surrounding my dads passing is a constant reminder that He will continue to bring me to the other side of every obstacle I face in life.

If you’re reading this and you’ve lost someone you love, let me say like I know my dad did that day, “it’s ok, don’t be scared”. I know it’s a terribly hard road. But joy truly can be experienced through the most disappointing of times.

2 thoughts on “Beautifully You – Madison

  1. Such a beautiful story and so precious how God reminded Madison (and you, & your brothers) thru the memories and the unique, half dollar experience to reaffirm a father’s love and the courage and peace to carry on ….

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