An announcement!

Hey guys! Here I am! In all my glory… I wanted to share this with you as in person as I could. I feel the challenge and invitation to start letting you all in a little deeper (basically letting you see my face in action and as a result ME having to see my face in action). I hope this next adventure excites you as much as it does me!

8 thoughts on “An announcement!

  1. Wow – so awesome! So proud of you (for the 99th time!) – your courage to be transparent glorifies God greatly, and so inspires others to break out of isolation and fear — your story will help lead many to freedom as the allow God’s loving embrace heal their hearts, minds/souls and bodies.

    Love you!! Steve & Michelle

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  2. You’re amazing! When I think of the years we shared living life in the same place, I’m continually thankful to see the depth God keeps leading us each to. You’re so loveable and I love seeing your gifts coming to life!

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  3. I am so excited for you! Like you’re doing it! If only you could see me over here literally smiling from ear to ear…. I know God is smiling way harder! You are such a blessing and a gem! Go girl!


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