Your seat at the table

Can I tell you a secret? Jonah and I kinda have a thing with using disposable everything. I know it sounds terrible… but we seriously hate doing dishes. Our lives are currently on fast forward and by the time we finish our work for the day, get our girls home and make something that resembles dinner we have just a couple hours at best to spend together as a family before it’s lights out for the girls as Jonah and I crash into the couch digging up any left over energy we have for one another. So as un Earth friendly as it sounds, something had to go, and the dishes pulled the shortest straw. So if you come to our house and we pull out the real stuff, just know that means we’re trying to impress you ;).

Anyway… now that my dirty secret is out… and now that anyone who has been to my home is trying to remember what they ate off of, I can move on to what prompted me to post today.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been to a dinner party? I absolutely love having people over and trying new recipes. I’ve never been a cook. I always said when I got engaged I would learn. Obviously once I got engaged I was wayyy too busy being in love to think about cooking… duh. So when Jonah and I got married there was a lot of trial and error. Like I’m not kidding when I say boiling noodles was my arch nemesis … it was bad. It was after I spent some time at home after my initial surgeries that hosting and cooking became some of my favorite things. I love preparing something for others to enjoy. I’m the person who dipped clementines in egg wash and rolled them gold sugar glitter just to have something pretty to set on people’s place setting at Thanksgiving… not that you asked for it, not that you’re going to eat it, but you’re welcome :).

It’s a sickness and there is no cure…

ANYWAY, glitter covered clementines or not, when you’re invited to a dinner party there is one thing you can be sure of. You may or may not know what’s going to be served, you may not know who else is going to be there, but the one thing you can be certain of is that there will be a place for you. And the worst thing you can do when you show up is refuse to take your seat. Can you imagine you’ve been invited to a formal dinner and when you show up you insist on sliding up to the kids table instead? We would never want to insult a host by not appreciating their invitation… so why do we insist on doing it in real life?

Go with me for a second.

How many times have you had an idea or passion bubble up inside you? Maybe you want to start a company, start a garden or a family. Or how about starting a blog that you’re convinced only you mom, siblings and husband are going to read? Just me? Doubtful. Listen to anyone talk long enough and their passions will tell on them. So why are there not more of us taking a swing at the things we love?

This past weekend I was thinking on receiving when out of the air it hit me. So many of us have convinced ourselves that we’re somehow unqualified. Maybe we’ve convinced ourselves we don’t have the time or money, or maybe that our dream plans are just that… a dream.

I was at church this past Sunday when this scripture popped in my head, Psalm 23:5 says,”You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have anointed my head with oil; My cup overflows.”

God has given us a seat at the dinner party of life… and we just need to take a seat.

God invited us (with help from our parents) into this thing called life. And He is letting us know through this verse that though there will be things and people that oppose us, He has prepared a place for us. A place where we can sit down in our rightful place in life and live to the fullest.

He didn’t say, “Hey, I’m having a party if you want to come. But here’s the thing, we’re kinda short on space, so if you show up you’re going to have to sit at the folding card table with the kids.”

Now I know some of you just thought,”I’d prefer to sit with the kids”. Any time you’d like to come over and sit with mine while I have dinner with my husband you just let me know ;).

The point is that before we can receive we have to realize that someone is giving. I know so many times in my life I’ve put off and delayed doing the things that make me happy out of fear of not being or having enough. The great thing in the Kingdom is that God set the table, cooked the meal and even rolled the clementines in gold sugar glitter… all we have to do is show up and sit down. We’ve been invited and we’re expected to show up.

So maybe it’s time to RSVP. I know I want to show up in life. God says He has plans for me and that they are good. I want to know what they are and I want to see them come to pass. Maybe you don’t believe in God. That’s ok, because you were called to greatness far before you ever decided to believe or not. It actually doesn’t take any permission on your part. It was done for you. Plans were put into play, and the Creator of the universe is inviting you in! Let’s stop coming up with reasons why we can’t and just jump in. Maybe your business won’t be Fortune 500, maybe most of your garden will die and maybe you’ll write a blog that only your mom, siblings and husband read ;)…. but why not just go for it?

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