Setbacks and spinal fluid

So this week I fully intended on posting an update with pictures. I had several doctor appointments and was going to give a thorough update on my progress after. Well it seems I’ve hit a speed bump. Friday night my incision began leaking clear fluid. I saw my ENT on Saturday who stitched me up until I could see my neurosurgeon on Monday. Sunday I started experiencing chills and nausea along with the leaking. Jonah and I saw my neurosurgeon yesterday who determined that I’m leaking spinal fluid through my incision. He stapled the leak closed and put me on medication to slow the fluid production. If the leaking stops by Thursday then this approach will have been successful. If not I am scheduled for an additional surgery on Friday. I’m asking for your prayers… Please agree with me that this fluid will stop leaking so that I can avoid any further surgery. I am very nauseous and just weak in general … I really need breakthrough with this immediately. Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.

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