One Month

One month update! I can’t believe it’s been a month since surgery. The past few weeks have easily been some of the hardest of my life. The emotions you go through are unreal and can be very surprising when you think you know yourself. Last week I had a moment I desperately needed with God. I was all alone with the baby and I felt this rush of joy and hope wash over me. Up to that point I was living off the words of others. I know that sounds crazy, this could be so much worse, but when it’s such a personal thing that changes you dramatically there is a serious process that begins. Those moments with the Lord brought me to the place where I could say I KNOW I can do this. It would be easy to pretend that I’ve been strong up to this point, but I don’t need to. The Lord is my refuge when I’m bold and when I’m weak and I’m overwhelmingly grateful for that. My voice has experienced noticeable improvement. It’s not 100% but its definitely moving in the right direction. You can’t see it in the pictures, but when I smile hard I can feel facial muscles on my weak side beginning to respond which is so encouraging. And finally, I woke up last night because my nose on the right side began to run. Sounds nasty and TMI but my eye and my nose have been bone dry since surgery so this is a good sign! Thank you all so much for your encouraging words. It has been life to me in ways I cannot describe. Seriously, it’s these things that have allowed me to say, “so and so thinks I can do it, so I can”. Never underestimate what your words can do … life and death is truly in the power of the tongue. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. I could write a novel about how amazing Jonah has been and I know it’s the prayer and encouragement that has given us all grace for the journey …

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