why write a blog? One very important thing I have learned as I’ve gone down this path is how vital it is to remember the moments “in-between”. It’s one thing to remember how a journey begins and ends, and another thing entirely to recount the moments that happened “in-between”. It’s those moments that give weight and meaning when a story reaches its end. It reminds me in the Bible where Jesus tells the Disciples to get in the boat and “cross over to the other side”. We know the story starts with them loading on the boat and ends with them arriving on the opposite shore, but what a robbery it would have been if the moments in-between had never been recorded. The storm that rose up around them threatening their very lives, and Jesus’ intervention in speaking and quieting the waves are the moments that changed whp those men were between shores. This journey that I’ve been on has been the most intense and trying experience of my life. I believe we as humans all have hopes of how we would react when the heat of life is turned up. Luckily for me I’ve had several life-altering situations that have provided me that opportunity. Let’s be honest, that’s not exactly a bragging point. But I know there are moments here in the “in-between” that are shaping me, and I never want to forget. So here I am, opening up the doors to my heart and my struggles in hopes that as a girl stepping off one shore and headed for another, that anyone who comes across these words will find encouragement for their own journey and their own moments “in-between”.

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