Finding My Fight

Alright! Keep the good appointments coming! It’s been a really great week and it’s only Wednesday. Yesterday we saw my ENT doc for a post surgery follow up; he agreed with my eye procedure being done sooner rather than later so the date for that has been set for March 10. He thought my face looked good and still thinks a full recovery should be expected. It was great because he explained how I’d look if the nerve had been severed or permanently damaged and what he was explaining has not been my experience at all. He is still shocked that I haven’t had any issues with my balance since the first surgery. My balance and hearing nerve were cut so his expectation was that I would struggle adjusting to balancing with just one side … but I haven’t. That brings me to another point; I often forget that I may have never mentioned before that my hearing nerve on the right side was cut. In the light of everything else going on it has kind of paled in importance. As of today I have zero hearing in my right ear but I am believing that even though it’s my experience today, it won’t be a permanent condition. Regardless, he is fitting me for a tiny hearing aid in a couple of weeks to see how much it improves my hearing in public settings. Honestly, I don’t notice it until there are too many noises going on at the same time … But inconvenient or not I was born with my hearing and I’d like it back thank you very much. Anyways, today we saw the throat doctor to get his thoughts on my vocal chords and swallowing. He believes the injury is from stretching during surgery and not intubation. He believes it will return with my facial nerve but thinks that moving forward with a temporary injection to restore as much function to my throat as possible is best for the short term. He was extremely kind and understanding of our situation. He explained that after the birth of one of their children that his wife also experienced facial paralysis. He was able to really relate to not only me but more to Jonah as a new dad and husband walking through something similar. His wife had made a full recovery and I told him how much I’d love to talk to her just to hear about her experience. He finished up the appointment and walked out of the room for a few minutes before returning … With his wife! Of course she’s a doctor too and shares the practice … Go figure, lol. She looked amazing, you would never tell she suffered any kind of weakness at all. She told me about what she went through and encouraged me to just keep going. It was totally awesome that they took time out to do that. God is seriously in control. I have more I want to say but I’ll stop for now. I just want to say that I feel like my fight is back. Not fight as in I have to make something happen, but fight as in I know this thing is on the ropes because I know where my help comes from! Thank you again and continuously for the prayers and encouragement… You all are awesome!

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