Doctors, Doctors, Doctors

Hello! Ok, time for an update. Yesterday I saw my ENT and the visit was very encouraging. The Doc said he thought I looked great for what I’d been through and told me he was impressed in the hospital with my progress. We talked about my eye, mouth, swallow and vocal chords. I’ll be seeing a specialist for my eye at the beginning of February. I’m bummed I have to wait that long but so glad it’s set up. The specialist will examine my eye and determine if a gold implant is needed to allow it to open and close normally until my nerves can totally heal. The doctor also set me up with a therapist for my mouth in January. He thought my symmetry was good and that therapy, both hands on and electro would be the best route. My vocal chords and swallow will be examined to determine if my chords are healing properly or if I need any intervention. It’s a lot of information to take in, but it’s a plan. I’m grateful that he addressed everything and had a course of action for each. All of these appointments are a month out so in the meantime I’ll continue to do my in home therapy and keep looking for improvement …

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