Doctors and Dates

Yay for good doctor visits! Today I had by far my best visit with a specialist this side of my latest surgery. I really like doctors who understand my goals and can give me options … Whether I will need them or not. Today I met with the facial specialist. He examined me and explained how the facial nerve recovers at the rate of one millimeter a day and showed us just how far the nerve had to travel. He thought that full recovery within the year was very likely. What was great was he also explained that if for some reason it didn’t happen that I had several options. I totally believe full function will return but it was really encouraging hear. He also scheduled a time to insert a gold weight in my eye lid and tighten up lower lid. Both of these things are reversible and can be undone once function returns. The benefit is that not only will it allow my eye to close but it will also give me the ability to drive and get back to work. I also saw someone about my throat. I still need to ask questions about what caused the weakness of my vocal chords since the area where they did the surgery is not related to where the nerves that impact my throat are. Anyway, there is a procedure that can be done that would correct the issue temporarily as my chords come back to life. Again, this would help me return to work and give function back as I wait for the nerves to heal. All things considered these appointments were a far cry better than last week. I’m so thankful for the perspective God is giving me as I wait and believe him for my healing. I’m also grateful for the words, dreams and verses people have been sending my way. It’s funny how without being “healing verses” the Lord keeps highlighting the same things to me over and over. So when you reach out just know that I’m listening to God speak through you :). On a final note, Jonah and I are currently on our way to dinner for our Valentine’s Day date! Even a week ago I was sure tonight wouldn’t happen. Thank you for your prayers … God is so good! image

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