Back on the wagon

I know it’s late and I know I just posted yesterday, but I wanted to take a minute to tell people that are praying for me that I had a really great day today. I’m hoping this is the mental corner I’ve needed to turn this time around. I was able to stay awake all day today and even was able to sit with Maelie while Jonah picked up Iyla from school. I took a while today and showered and put myself back together and can honestly say I feel like a person. I even took some new pictures and I’ve included a side-by-side from a picture a few days before my infection and today. I was afraid to look at first but from what I can compare it doesn’t seem like any regression has taken place. God is being really good to me and allowing me to walk this out while guides me by still waters. Again, it’s not a major thing but I do know that people are praying for me and I wanted to vocalize that I really have felt breakthrough in the last 24 hours. Thank you all :).image

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