Back to the hospital

Thank you for everyone that began praying for me a couple of days ago when I updated you all. I wanted to bring you up to speed … Yesterday morning at about 4 I woke up with severe nausea and a massive headache. I knew immediately I needed to get to the hospital. We arrived at the emergency room around 5 and were seen immediately. It was determined I was fighting infection from somewhere in my body and the doctors decided at that point it would be best to admit me to the ICU where I could be closely monitored. Yesterday morning/afternoon I underwent a Spinal tap along with an MRI and CT scan. The good news is that meningitis was able to be ruled out and the doctors can now focus on driving infection out with aggressive antibiotics. Since I have begun the antibiotics I have experienced zero leaking and am feeling much, much better. Tonight I’ll be moved to a regular room where I will continue to be treated. My doctors are still deciding whether a procedure will be done on Friday or if they will treat me through the weekend and make further decisions Monday. The good news is that surgery is really a last case senecio. Even better than that is if surgery is needed it will be performed below the surface of the skin and will NOT interfere with the progress my nerves have made this far. All-in-all it’s been a crazy 24 hours but I feel very much at peace about the direction being taken. Thank you for keeping me in your prayers; I very much feel that God’s hand is in this. Thank you!

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